little cake :)

'cup'cake :)

you need:
1 cup (1 Tasse)
a microwave (eine Mikrowelle)

1 tbsp melted butter (1 EL geschmolzene Butter)
3 drops of vanilla (3 Tropfen Vanillearoma)
1 tbsp white sugar (1 EL weißer Zucker)
1 tbsp brown sugar (1 EL brauner Zucker)
1 egg (1 Ei)
pinch of salt (eine Prise Salz)
1/4 cup of flour (1/4 Tasse Mehl)
2 tbsp of choco chips (2 EL Schokosplitter)

Stir the ingredients and ‘bake’ for about 1 minute in your microwave!
(Verrühre die Zutaten und ‘backe’ das ganze ungefähr 1 Minute in der Mikrowelle!)

Enjoy this delicious cake! :)♥

(and don’t forget to follow!!) :D

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