Hey guys!
I don’t know if anyone of you heard about the sad story of the plane crash in France. For those you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain: a few days ago there was a plane that flew from Barcelona to Düsseldorf (a town in Germany). In France right over the Alps the tragedy happened. The plane crashed into a mountain after a free fall of 2 km. There was as much energy involved as a bomb with 0,3 tons TNT. Can you imagine that? All the passengers died. Only parts of the bodies could be salvaged. More than 150. There was a man in the plane that was just engaged for 3 weeks. Two men who wanted to see a soccer game in Spain, a German school class with 16 kids in 10th grade taht went on a class trip to spain, their teachers, a 7 months old baby, families, family members, the pilot, the crew and so many more. Of course every plane crash is a tragedy. But this one is not a cause of technical failure. A plane cannot fall 2 km without any reaction of the pilot. The pilot was on the toilet while the copilot locked the door so the pilot wasn’t able to enter the cockpit. That is the fault of a human. How could somebody do that? How could somebody kill over 150 people?? The whole nation is touched and everyone is shocked.
I wish all the family members and those who knew the victims all the best to recover from this incident.
Everyone in this nation is right behind you, holding your back whenever you need somebody’s help.

R.I.P. to the victims


A New Quote

Hi guys! 🙂
The last days I was looking for some love quotes and found the following one.
I like it. 🙂

You, my love, are like the sun.
You are able to do anything you want and there’s at least one person you make happy.
You could be able to melt the mountain away before the titanic crashed it. You could light the world up.
But sometimes you aren’t there and I miss you so much.

I don’t know why but I think this quote has something magical and making me happy.
What do you think guys?